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Автор Тема: "The Book of Not Knowing" от Peter Ralston  (Прочетена 924 пъти)
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The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness

Описание от официалния сайт:
Finally a study of Being and consciousness that is neither a discourse on intellectual convictions nor an airy exercise in fantasy. Like a Zen master, Ralston has us toss out all beliefs. Then he goes a giant step further, pushing us to explore the very mechanisms that create mind. This is a "bible of consciousness" for anyone interested in penetrating to the core of the human condition.

We live our lives as though we know who we are and what reality is all about, but in the background there remains a nagging sense of inauthenticity and doubt. We don't know why we exist, or even what a self is!

Ralston's consciousness work is acclaimed by people from a diverse range of disciplines, from spiritual teachers and psychiatrists to cognitive scientists, physicists, and artists. Anyone who desires to go beyond their current experience of self and reality will find this to be a profound and yet down-to-earth guide. This is not a random Q & A format, but a systematic exploration of your own consciousness. The ultimate goal is nothing less than enlightenment, a direct personal encounter with the true nature of Being.

За книгата от Amazon.com:
“True innovators are, by definition, ahead of their time. Therefore, they remain largely unrecognized, except by a few. How many of us wish we had met Bruce Lee, sat in a session with Carl Jung, or walked around Walden Pond with Thoreau? Too late for that, but not too late to take notice of Peter Ralston. His creativity, commitment, and clarity shine through as he articulates higher principles based on direct experience and piercing insight. A caring teacher, he has been to the mountaintop and bathed in the spring of Being. His insights speak to us all.”
—Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior

“This is one of those rare books that you can read again, and refer back to… 10 out of 10 on our Infinity Scale. This is a must have book for the serious spiritual seeker.”
Product Description
Over decades of martial arts and meditation practice, Peter Ralston discovered a curious and paradoxical fact: that true awareness arises from a state of not-knowing. Even the most sincere investigation of self and spirit, he says, is often sabotaged by our tendency to grab too quickly for answers and ideas as we retreat to the safety of the known. This "Hitchhiker’s Guide to Awareness" provides helpful guideposts along an experiential journey for those Western minds predisposed to wandering off to old habits, cherished presumptions, and a stubbornly solid sense of self. With ease and clarity Ralston teaches readers how to become aware of the background patterns that they are usually too busy, stressed, or distracted to notice. The Book of Not Knowing points out the ways people get stuck in their lives and offers readers a way to make fresh choices about every aspect of their lives, from a place of awareness instead of autopilot.

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Книгата е на английски език, все още няма превод на български. Ако някой я е чел/прочел или е запознат с материята, ще се радвам да помълчим заедно по темата. Плезещ се
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The One
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Публикации: 1537

Винаги на точното място в точното време

« Отговор #1 -: Септември 26, 2011, 22:28:08 »

Благодаря за линковете ted и за участието ти в форума.
Усещам, че това което се крие зад книгата е същото което се крие зад теб и всички нас, безмерен мир и покой в който прелива изобилствена красота от форми, които танцувайки създават екстаз.
Усещам също и осъзнаването ти на "това", което изключително много ме радва!

Имали някой мераклия който би превел книжката с кеф на български език, за да може после всеки който знае български да си я преведе от ментално на душевно ниво и да се докосне до този екстаз поне мъничко?


Не мога да променя това което виждам,но мога да променя точката през която гледам.
Това е достатъчно да промени онова което изживявам,а това променя цялата гледка.

Всичко перфектно е точно такова,
течащ в безкрая свещен резултат!
Бъди сега причината нова,
за твоя бленуван в мечтите ти свят.
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