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Автор Тема: Есето ми по английски!  (Прочетена 915 пъти)
Аэ съм
Слава ввишних Богу, и на земли мир, в человецех благоволение.
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Hello! I am Andy!

« -: Май 04, 2010, 12:58:48 »

Това е есето ми по английски от курса,с което спечелих наградата за най-добро есе по английски!

Ето го и него на англиски обаче,защото оригинала все пак си е такъв и има повече ефект!

Lubomir Lozanov     level: Low Intermediate

Is there Life after Death ?

I think that there is life after death. When our physical body dies our soul goes home. There we see our past lives and we make decisions for the next life. We must correct our mistakes and learn new lessons. This is the meaning of our life. We must enrich our souls. Our families from the past lifes live in this home . They wait for us to accomplish our mission in life. Some people had died and then became alive again. They said that they had seen a light which was very calming and peaceful. They had seen their dead relatives – mother, father… they had seen a shining ball. Most of them said that it was God. He told them that their time to die had not come yet…
Our dead relatives watch us, help us and they send us a message when we forget our mission. There’re many records about ghosts, unfortunately many of them are fake. Because of these fakes we can’t understand what is real. This is the reason that many people do not believe in life after death. Many of them are famous scientists. Others are just ordinary people who believe in every word of the official science. Other scientists believe in ghosts but they are scared to say it because the other scientists will call them crazy liars. The official science is scared of the esoteric literature because the officials are wrong. In the esoteric knowledge there are true facts and the officials don’t want to admit them. But the worst thing is that many authors lie only to make money and names for themselves.
There are a lot of fake mediums. But there are true mediums like Vanga, Nostradamus and Edgar Keisy who had predicted very important events of the history of the world. And all of them believe that there is life after death. They even said that their fortelling power is from the home of their souls. But the scientists called this only a imaginary fake. They don’t want to lose anything.
The truth is one – only one! And it will be revealed. This time is coming soon. And we must be prepared.

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Бог е Любов и е в мен, аз съм Любовта и с Бога в едно цяло с вярата и упованието в Бога аз съм неговото най-достойно проявление, за което той ме обича и облича в ризница от Любов, която да ме пази и закриля от всякакви зли сили и вмешателства в живота ми и в мен самия! Амин
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